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Sing The Booze LIVE

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Zane Lamprey, the host of the cult-sensation “Three Sheets” on Spike TV and the award-winning series “Drinking Made Easy” on HDNet has released his LIVE album, Sing The Booze. With songs like "Beer, I Love You", "Wine in a Box", and "Baby, You're Beautiful (When I'm Drunk)”, Lamprey’s debut musical comedy album features 11 original songs about the joys and perils of drinking.

Track List:
01. A Song About The Songs
02. An All-Skate
03. Beer, I Love You
04. I Get Paid To Drink
05. Givin' Up Drinkin'
06. Hangover Cures
07. Mojito
08. An Apology To Zach Galifianakis
09. My Buddy Steve
10. 23 Dead Scorpions
11. Foo Foo Drinks
12. Steve Got Roofied
13. Wine In A Box
14. My Favorite Place To Drink
15. Tits McGee
16. My Extensive Liquor Selection
17. Sing The Booze
18. Our Last Song
19. Baby, You're Beautiful (When I'm Drunk)
20. House Party

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