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Cup & Balls Party Games!

It's not just about Beer Pong! This tube contains everything you need (except drinks) to play 9 other drinking games, besides beer pong. While the dice games are mostly about luck, and the card games are about strategy, these games are about skill (along with strategy... and a lot of luck)! You'll have as much fun as Zane and his friend had perfecting the rules to these games!

The Pong tube contains everything you need for hours of fun, including:

• Plastic travel tube

• 22 custom, translucent Solo cups (the sturdiest model they make), with markings, so you can fill them consistently. Wash them with warm water and they'll last a long. long time.

• 3 professional grade (yes, that's actually a thing) ping pong balls with the Pleepleus Pro logo.

• Laminated instruction sheet for 10 fun drinking games, including:
° Beer Pong (of course)
° Golf
° Speed Cups
° Flip Cup
° Cup the Ball!
° A-P-E
° Mad Skillz
° Boom!
° And more!

Bring it to a party, camping or vacation for hours of fun!

Price: $29.99