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Card Party Games!

This custom deck of standard playing cards is ANYTHING but standard. This Vegas-quality deck is completely water proof, spill proof, and even dunk in your drink-proof.

The tin, which easily fits in your bag, contains everything that you need to play 10 tried, tested and approved drinking games. Zane has learned many card drinking games in his drinking adventures to 60 countries and 50 states. For over a year, he narrowed down the list to his 10 favorite, with the help of his crew and friends (they play these games a lot in their travels).

This game set contains everything you need to play 10 very different drinking games. You may have played some of these games, but you haven't played all of them! The set come with:

• 52 Vegas-quality, water-proof, beer-proof, drink-proof cards! Plus 2 Pleepleus Jokers.

• Custom travel tin

• Instructions to 10 drinking games, including:
° And more!

The cards, with Lamprey and other cast members from his television show, are completely drink proof. They'll stand up to accidental spills or even intentional dunks in a drink!

Price: $19.99