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No Doubt of Sunshine - Limited

The Limited Edition includes:
•Digital version of the new 13-song album, available immediately.
•Physical version of the new 13-song album

•Lyric postcards- (12) postcards designed around Don's handwritten excerpts from the album's lyrics
•Bonus songs- (4) previously unreleased, newly written songs.
•Tshirt- an incredibly soft American Apparel Tri-Blend t-shirt (color: "tri-cranberry") with a black ink print of Don's "Sunshine Rocker" lino-print, featured on the album cover.

•No Doubt of Sunshine Book- a signed 75-PAGE book that includes: album lyrics, bonus song lyrics, poems, essays, and lino-prints.
•House show tickets- (2) tickets to a special acoustic house show for you and the other purchasers of this package put on by Don & Lori in Nashville, TN on 02/18/2012 (specific location: TBD).

•A packet of seeds from the Chaffer garden

Price: $59.00

Sunshine T-Shirt