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Deconstruction is laden with the same disarming honesty Justin is known for. Without becoming heady or overbearing, Deconstruction is a prescription for a healthy re-examination of established religious, consumer and scientific worldviews. The instrumentation on the record is as carefully chosen as Justin's lyrics. "We limited the instrumentation to what was essential; let the songs breathe on their own." The record's feel supports its theme in limiting or even tearing down what is superfluous in order to more intimately engage in what is real.

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 1  Done Living $0.89Add to Cart
 2  America and the Soul $0.89Add to Cart
 3  A Hope Deferred $0.89Add to Cart
 4  Driving By the Accident $0.89Add to Cart
 5  Deconstruction $0.89Add to Cart
 6  When It Don't Come Easy $0.89Add to Cart
 7  Religion Poisons Everything $0.89Add to Cart
 8  On the Night You Were Betrayed $0.89Add to Cart
 9  Bullhorn Theory $0.89Add to Cart
 10  Hope Is Where We're Starting From $0.89Add to Cart
 11  Common Sense $0.89Add to Cart
 12  Until There Is No Tomorrow $0.89Add to Cart
 13  My Only Victory $0.89Add to Cart