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The Crowd, The Critic And The Muse: A Book For Creators

We are all creators. Human beings are made in the image of God, the ultimate source of creativity, yet many of us don't recognize the inherent creativity we have. I have written a book for creators called "The Crowd, the Critic, and the Muse" that addresses the soulishness of human creativity. It is a book that reminds us who we are, and aims to inspire us to be who we are made to be.

The book was inspired by a conversation that started with a blog I wrote last year called "Zombies, Wine and Christian Music." I wrote that blog thinking very few people would pay any attention to it, but within a couple days of posting, it had nearly fifty-thousand hits! This surprised me, but it also showed this is a conversation people are wanting to have.

A lot of the most popular creative expressions of our culture (religious or not) have become anemic and soulless. We live in a noisy, technologically-crazed, consumeristic, fame-worshiping culture that has provided a less-than-healthy ground in which to plant our creative endeavors. In the book I suggest we must address this problem by looking deeper than the art itself; into our cultural conditioning as well as our most basic beliefs, doubts, passions, instincts, and gears. Our creativity comes directly from our humanness, and if we want our creative work to be richer and more robust, we must not simply try harder; we must become different.

This is a book for creators written from the perspective of an artist. Through story and reflection, I hope to inspire some fresh thought and awareness of the roots of our creative endeavors. How we order creation is directly entwined with what it means to be human. So what shall we make of the world?

M. Gungor

This is a paperback book.

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