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Greetings From Wawa (CD)

Product Details: Audio CD - Released in 2000
Label: Blood Donor Records

Track Listing:
1. Greetings from Wawa/ Reuben's Train
2. Kitty Clyde
3. Gospel Plow
4. Beech Creek Dirge
5. We Followed Girls
6. Elkhorn Ridge
7. Daisy on the Porch
8. Harley in the Ballroom (Let's go to Nunavut)
9. A Little Number
10. Old Red
11. Tell Her To Come Back Home
12. When Dey Wud No Crawfish
13. Wow That is Diverse
14. Blackeyed Susie
15. Waiting for Al
16. Greasy Coat
17. Granny Does Your Dog Bite
18. Pour It On, Dock
19. Worried Mary
20. Goodbye Sweet Daisy
21. Oh My Little Darling
22. Six Rainbows Over Wawa
23. Cumberland Gap

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