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You Were at The Time For Love - Don Chaffer

After Hey Ruth, Don Chaffer went to school for music, and created this album at night in the university studio. Under the influence of his recent musical education, and the profound loneliness of that period, this record is both creative and heartbreaking. Primarily acoustic and pensive, it holds a special place in the hearts of many Waterdeep fans.

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 1  Have You Fallen On The Cornerstone $0.75Add to Cart
 2  Gloom Higherway $0.75Add to Cart
 3  Unwind $0.75Add to Cart
 4  Something's Got To Go $0.75Add to Cart
 5  Such A Shallow Pool $0.75Add to Cart
 6  Completely Known $0.75Add to Cart
 7  Oh, Girl $0.75Add to Cart
 8  The Fall $0.75Add to Cart
 9  Eden Again $0.75Add to Cart
 10  Take Me $0.75Add to Cart
 11  You Can't Hide $0.75Add to Cart
 12  The Worst Is My Being Alone $0.75Add to Cart
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