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What You Don’t Know - Don Chaffer

The shippable CD is a 13 Song version.

Don Chaffer’s first solo album since 1994 has him playing all the instruments other than drums (handled by the ever-capable Brandon Graves). Recorded in Nashville with Russ Long, this first half of the album is clean, funky, and rocking; the second half is all acoustic—just Don playing and singing with the occasional harmony from Lori. Written after the loss of his mother, much of this album is a document of grief.

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 1  The Luckiest Man On The Face Of The Earth $0.75Add to Cart
 2  If I Wanted To $0.75Add to Cart
 3  Cross The Mountain Stream $0.75Add to Cart
 4  Frederic $0.75Add to Cart
 5  Bring The Sadness Back In $0.75Add to Cart
 6  Man, I'm Gonna Sing $0.75Add to Cart
 7  Pedal Mouth $0.75Add to Cart
 8  People Go By Like A Flame $0.75Add to Cart
 9  John Henry, Where'd You Go? $0.75Add to Cart
 10  Against The Window Pane $0.75Add to Cart
 11  What You Don't Know $0.75Add to Cart
 12  Up Before The Sun $0.75Add to Cart
 13  The Quiet Wonder $0.75Add to Cart
 14  Long On Diagnosis, Short On Cure $0.75Add to Cart
 15  Leave Me Alone $0.75Add to Cart
 16  Farewell $0.75Add to Cart