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Songs from the Voice, Volume 2: Son of the Most High

Once again, talented friends and musicians flew from all over the country to Kansas City to record another album, live in the studio, in just 4 days. This time we used the same scripture references from Handel’s “Messiah” but again, used the new translation of the Bible that’s being put out by Thomas Nelson. It should be available in stores any day now. If you don’t buy it here, go to your local Christian bookstore, and ask them about it. You may need to tell them that Thomas Nelson is selling it (they’re typically a bookseller, not a music seller).

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 1  Tyler Burkum - He Will Feed His Fold (Isaiah 40:11) $0.75Add to Cart
 2  Tara Leigh Cobble - Radiant (Isaiah 40:4-5) $0.75Add to Cart
 3  Kendall Payne - A Great Light (Isaiah 9_260:2-3) $0.75Add to Cart
 4  Andrew Osenga - He Is Coming (Malachi 3:1-3) $0.75Add to Cart
 5  Maeve - Fill This House (Haggai 2:6-7) $0.75Add to Cart
 6  Matt Wertz - Comfort, Comfort (Isaiah 40:1-3) $0.75Add to Cart
 7  Jill Paquette - A Child Has Been Born For Us (Isaiah 9:6 Zechariah 9:9-10) $0.75Add to Cart
 8  Andrew Peterson - Arise, Shine (Isaiah 40_960:1) $0.75Add to Cart
 9  Steven Delopoulos - The Seventh Trumpet (Isaiah 35:5-6) $0.75Add to Cart
 10  Lori Chaffer - Perfectly Fitted (Matthew 11:28-30) $0.75Add to Cart
 11  Don Chaffer - God With Us (Matthew 1:23) $0.75Add to Cart
 12  Various Artists - They Were Terrified (Luke 2:8-11,13) $0.75Add to Cart