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Songs from the Voice, Volume 1: Please Don’t Make Us Sing This Song

Friends from all over the country flew to Kansas City, and in four days, we recorded an album of worship songs. There were no overdubs; we did it all live together in the studio, playing everything from acoustic guitars to organs to auto harps to synthesizers and DJ rigs. The songs are written pretty much verbatim from the texts of Psalms in a new translation of the Bible that’s being put out by Thomas Nelson. It should be available in stores any day now. If you don’t buy it here, go to your local Christian bookstore, and ask them about it. You may need to tell them that Thomas Nelson is selling it (they’re typically a bookseller, not a music seller).

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 1  Sandra McCracken - Call Him Good $0.75Add to Cart
 2  Sara Groves - As If That Were Not Enough $0.75Add to Cart
 3  Derek Webb - Let The Name Of God Be High $0.75Add to Cart
 4  Robbie Seay Band - Go Outside $0.75Add to Cart
 5  Don Chaffer - Sing With Great Affection $0.75Add to Cart
 6  Jami Smith - Remarkable Things $0.75Add to Cart
 7  Jill Phillips - So Much You Have Made $0.75Add to Cart
 8  Christena Graves - He Will Not Rest $0.75Add to Cart
 9  Various Artists - Those Who Walk The Fields To Sow $0.75Add to Cart
 10  Lori Chaffer - Please Don't Make Us Sing This Song $0.75Add to Cart
 11  Seth Woods - O The Deaths We Would Have Known If You Had Not Been With Us $0.75Add to Cart
 12  Don Chaffer - Oh, That You Would Be $0.75Add to Cart
 13  Don Chaffer & Derek Webb - Overwrought $0.75Add to Cart