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Pink and Blue

Where Heart Attack Time Machine was our just-us-two-in-our-basement-with-acoustic-instruments album, this is our let’s-have-a-party-and-whoop-it-up album. It covers a lot of ground. More importantly than all that: Brandon is back bangin’ the drums. Our steadfast compatriot (and Waterdeep’s only drummer ever), Brandon Graves, took time out of his busy schedule to pound the skins into oblivion on our behalf. God bless him. Also, along the way, I happened upon the bass player who played on the greatest live album of all time, Frampton Comes Alive. Stan Sheldon is his name, and he played on several songs- fantastic guy, fantastic playing. Point being: lots of interesting textures on this new album. And I didn’t even mention the five sisters who sang background vocals, the disco violins, the synthesizers, and the out-of-control background vocals. I didn’t want to overwhelm you.

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